Bottle Buddy 3-pack with Floor Protection Kit


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Never run out of water again with the Bottle Buddy 3-pack with Floor Protection Kit. This product holds a total of 12 water cooler containers, making it easy to keep your friends, team, co-workers and family hydrated. Perfect for use in events, offices and at home.

Are These Large Water Bottle Holders Good for Events?

The Bottle Buddy 3-pack with Floor Protection Kit is perfect for decreasing plastic waste. For events such corporate gatherings and holiday parties, you don’t need to carry a variety of bottled water brands in individual plastic bottles. This is a waste of money, space and bad for the environment. Instead, using the Bottle Buddy allows you to bring a water cooler that can easily be replaced during the event. Bring some recyclable cups and you’re good to go.

Is This Product Reliable?

If your office or home space uses a water cooler, nothing could be more frustrating than tripping over the bottles used to fill it. This puts your furniture and employees at risk. Instead, the Bottle Buddy 3-pack with Floor Protection Kit comes in a modular design that helps prevent leaks. All bulky water bottles rest firmly on the shelves, which are made out of plastic. You don’t have to worry about the product rusting or falling apart. Find the best bottled water brands and keep them stacked on this reliable product.

Is This Product Good for Offices?

Keeping your office fridge full of the healthiest bottled water is a huge waste of space. Many offices try utilizing fridge space for water, until it becomes clear that the staff would rather save money on food. In terms of vending machines carrying bottled water brands, those can be expensive. Instead, having a water cooler in your office is a great solution to provide water for everybody in your staff, free of charge. Bottle Buddy 3-pack with Floor Protection Kit allows you to buy in bulk and stack your water containers in an organized fashion. Great for saving space and keeping a constant flow of water to your co-workers.

  • Intelligent storage for three and five gallon water bottles
  • No more tripping over messy, bulky, cumbersome bottles
  • Modular design allows you to store bottles neatly and safely, do not exceed five bottles
  • Floor protection kit protects flooring from leaking bottle caps and is easily removed for quick cleaning
  • All plastic product, never chips, rust, peel or corrode
  • Assembles in a snap
  • Sturdy construction
  • For office and home use
  • Assembled dimensions: 29″H x 21 1/2″ D x 14 1/2″ W
  • Made in USA
  • Bottles are not included
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3 year limited
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