Member’s Mark Preschool Playset


Member’s Mark™ Preschool Playset comes in six different styles, offering hours of imaginative fun for kids. Choose from busy Farm Life, Country Cottage, Jetsetter, Pirate Ship, Construction and Jungle–each one with its own uniquely detailed figures and accessories.

Farm Life

Open the barn doors and press the lantern to hear a lively barnyard tune complete with animal sounds. Attach a hay bale to the hook, then turn the rooster weather vane to hoist it up and down. Open the fence to hear different animal sounds and the tractor starting up. Place the farmer in the tractor and hook up the cart to bring cartons of carrots or corn to market. When it’s time to till the fields, attach the cultivator attachment to the tractor. Set includes 17 pieces; 1 barn, 1 silo, 1 farmer, 3 animals, 4 fence pieces, 1 scarecrow, 1 tractor and 2 attachments, 2 vegetable boxes, 1 hay bale. Plays 6 melodies and sounds. Battery: 2 AAA required, included.

Country Cottage

Home sweet home! This adorable set of 16 sturdy pieces includes family characters, their pet dog, TV, couch, bed, chairs, bathtub, and lots more indoor plus outdoor furniture. There’s even a staircase to climb up to the second story. Knock on the door and come on in.


Use the realistic staircase for boarding. Sit the pilot in the cockpit, then press down to hear announcement chimes. Taxi the plane to activate lights and hear the jet engines roar. Flip up the side doors to check on passengers. Help the luggage handler drive his cart to the plane and load the suitcases. The cargo door in the rear of the plane opens to store bags safely in place. Set includes 11 pieces; 1 jet plane, 1 staircase, 2 pieces of luggage, 1 luggage car, 1 luggage cart, and 5 play figures. Battery: 2 AAA required, included.

Pirate Ship

Set sail for pirate adventures. Roll the free-wheeling pirate play ship to hear the sounds of the sea, the ship’s bell horn, and a laughing parrot. Press the cannon to hear firing sounds and activate the wall torch below deck to light up! Anchor rolls up and down, always ready to cast off for more fun. Set includes 8 pieces; 3 pirates, 1 treasure chest, 1 shark, 1 parrot, 1 large mother ship, and 1 smaller scouting ship.


Press the button on top of the construction site for lights and sounds, 3 construction workers ride in vehicles, elevator and crane Crane claw opens to hold and release boulder Dump truck fits on turn table to pick up load.


Press treehouse to activate different jungle animal sounds and music! Boulder slide and zip line fun Swing cage and pond turntable move and rotate! Jungle explorers can ride in the jeep.

Farm Life

  • Detailed accessories
  • Barn and silo attach and detach, doors in both open and close
  • Easy snap-together fencing builds a corral
  • 6 melodies & sounds

Country Cottage

  • Happy family lives inside
  • Included indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories
  • 16 pieces
  • 2 fun sounds


  • Detailed accessories
  • Includes 5 figures; 1 pilot, 1 stewardess, 1 luggage handler and 2 passengers
  • Lift up side doors for easy cabin access
  • Pieces fit inside playset for neat storage

Pirate Ship

  • Detailed accessories
  • Includes 3 pirates, treasure chest to open and close, shark, parrot, large ship and smaller ship
  • Open side door for below deck sleeping quarters!
  • Pieces fit inside playset for neat storage


  • Crane claw opens and winds up or down
  • Workers fit in vehicles, elevator and crane
  • Lights & sounds
  • Elevator moves up & down


  • Zip line basket ride
  • Rumbling boulderslide
  • Music & Jungle sounds
  • Safari explorers fit in jeep


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