Night Owl 12 Channel NVR with 2TB Hard Drive and 8 Wired IP 4K Light Cameras


Night Owl® is excited to offer our U.S. designed and engineered 4K HD Bluetooth® Network Video Recorder with Wired IP 4K HD Spotlight Cameras and Pre-Installed Hard Drive. With Secure App-Based Bluetooth® Setup, there is no need to connect a TV or monitor for setup or viewing (optional). Our patent pending recorder has built-in Bluetooth® technology, making it easy for you to configure your system right from the app on your smartphone or tablet. While a TV or monitor is not required, with Google Assistant you can use simple voice commands to stream camera footage directly to your TV or monitor, all while remaining hands free.

Each camera has 2-Way Audio (talk & listen) as well as a built-in siren and preset voice alerts. From within the app, you can easily activate the built-in siren, startling intruders and sending them packing. Have a guest but can’t get to them? Use a preset voice alert to let them know. Facial Capture lets you see who is on your property by snapping a photo and sending the image to your Smart Device. Motion-activated dual spotlights flood your yard with bright lights when human or vehicular motion is detected, instantly warding off trespassers.

  • Designed and Engineered in the United States: At Night Owl®, all products are safely designed and engineered in the United States. We are proudly compliant with Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which helps ensure our country’s safety and yours.
  • Secure App-Based Bluetooth® Setup: Set up and control our patent pending recorder right from the app on your Smart Device via a secure Bluetooth® wireless connection. Our app and your system are password protected to shield your data. No TV or monitor is required.
  • We Prioritize your Privacy: We value your privacy as much as you do. Your recordings and data are for your eyes only and are kept secure on the pre-installed hard drive. Additionally, with 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On we protect your information while making access convenient.
  • Secure Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Connection: A hardwired connection feeds the wired IP cameras with power, video signal and 2-Way Audio through one RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Your security camera feed and personal data are securely stored on the hard drive and your system is not reliant on cloud storage. You control who has access to your system.
  • Amplified Coverage with Built-In Audio Features: Use the app to send a preset message to a guest, ward off trespassers with a loud siren or listen & talk with someone on your property with our clear and static free 2-way audio.
  • Amplified Coverage with Built-in Audio Features
  • Powerfully Bright Motion-Activated Dual Spotlights Put Intruders on Notice
  • Receive Human, Face and Vehicle Alerts to your Smart Device
  • 100 ft. of Night Vision with 120 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Weather-Resistant Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Free Mobile App with Absolutely No Mandatory Monthly Fees
  • Add up to 4 Compatible Wi-Fi Devices for Flexible Coverage
  • Comes with 8 cameras, can connect up to 12 cameras
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